GRADE 3  |  2.0 Writing Applications
                          (Genres and Their Characteristics - Pacing Sample I / Sample II)

  Write narrative

  (Autobiographical Narratives | *Fictional Narrative)
  1. Provide a context within which an action takes place
  2. Include well-chosen details to develop the plot
  3. Provide insight into why the selected incident is memorable

  Write descriptions that use concrete sensory details to present and support unified
  impressions of people, places, things, or experiences
  (Level C recommended)



  Write personal and formal letters, thank-you notes, and invitations

  1. Show awareness of the knowledge and interests of the audience and establish a purpose and context

  2. Include the date, proper salutation, body, closing, and signature.

3.0   *Literary response and analysis
  (Level C recommended)

NOTE: *Not required but recommended